Tornador® STEAM

Steam Cleaning Tool


Ré : 601 770


Connection230 V
Stainless Steel Boiler1,2 liter
Boiler Power3200 W/h
Working Pressure6 bar
Coldwater Tank2,0 liter
Weight8,5 kg

Tornador effect from the 230V electrical outlet: with steam, without cleaner! Heated steam (starting at 140° C) is very energetic and as a result of this, germs and bacteria can be destroyed. There is no better way of eliminating deep and intense dirt particles. Hot steam evaporates quickly, only brings a little amount of humidity into the object and minimizes the drying and returning time. Tornador® STEAM is mobile and can be used with the Rotador®-ADAPTOR and a wet dry vacuum for drying the surfaces cleaned beforehand.

The new Tornador® STEAM is the ideal solution for cleaning the interior, the engine compartment, the rims, the bodywork and different coatings.